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Oswald focuses on the adventures of an octopus named Oswald and his pet hot dog, Weenie. The duo lives in the aptly-named Big City, which is inhabited by all kinds of talking animals, walking objects, and everything in between. Read more about the show here!


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Did You Know?

  • Dan Yaccarino, the creator of Oswald, designed the main characters of The Backyardigans.
  • Dan Yaccarino had written a book introducing the series' characters in early 2001. Simply titled Oswald, it told the story of how Oswald moved to Big City. The characters' designs in the book are all slightly different from those used in the show.
  • The voice actors for Henry and Louie (David Lander and Michael McKean, respectively) are known for starring on the 1976 sitcom Laverne & Shirley as two roommates.
  • In 2002, a toy manufacturing company based in Tokyo called Sun Arrow released a line of Oswald plush toys. These toys were only distributed throughout Asia, and are widely considered the rarest of Oswald merchandise.

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Featured Character

Cousin Louie

Louie is a minor character in Oswald. He is the cousin of Henry and is voiced by Michael McKean.


Louie acts similarly to his cousin. In "Odd One Out," Louie and Henry reunite and spend the day bonding with each other. Unfortunately, this leads to Oswald believing that Henry has forgotten about him. In "Goodbye Best Friend," Louie asks Henry to come with him to the Arctic, against the wishes of Oswald and the townspeople. Henry eventually chooses not to join Louie, who is last seen on the bus to the Arctic. However, Louie makes a cameo appearance in "Sammy Starfish Live!" as an audience member. This conflicts with the events of his previous appearance, as Louie moved back to the Arctic and would not have been in Big City.


Louie is black and white. He has an orange beak and two eyes. His flippers are black, and his feet are orange. The only difference between him and his cousin is that Louie wears a red bow tie.


Louie has appeared in three episodes of Oswald. His first appearance was in "Odd One Out." He also appears in "Goodbye Best Friend" and "Sammy Starfish Live."

Featured Episode

Sammy Starfish Live

Sammy Starfish Live is the forty-fourth episode of the Oswald series.


Sammy Starfish, Oswald's favorite jazz singer, is performing at the Big City auditorium. However, his show is sold out. Will Oswald find a way to see Sammy perform?

  • This episode marks the first time Oswald and Sammy Starfish interact.
  • Henry's cousin, Louie, makes a cameo appearance in the audience.
  • This episode was produced after "Job for a Day" and "Perfect Match," yet it was aired four days before them.

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